• SAMS enables you to record and keep all staff and workers’ details.

  • On daily attendance, members of staff or workers reporting for work have a responsibility to log in to SAMS and mark themselves ‘PRESENT’ with the appropriate credentials. Staff members who do not consult the system in this manner are considered ‘ABSENT’ by SAMS and are recorded accordingly.

  • If a staff member calls in or sends a message with a reason to be ‘ABSENT’ for work, SAMS provides a section for the Administrator(s) to record and keep the ‘REASON’ for future reference.

  • At any given time, SAMS lets you know the whereabouts of all workers who have reported for work.

  • The underlying principle of SAMS operation is that, NO member of staff or worker should leave the work premises without first seeking permission and receiving approval on SAMS .

  • When a staff member or worker seeks permission to go out on SAMS , the Administrator(s) of SAMS immediately receive the alert in their account on the same system thereby, allowing them to make a decision as to whether to approve or deny the request, considering the reason assigned for a request.

  • When the Administrator of SAMS takes an action to approve or deny a staff’s request to go out, the staff in question equally receives an alert in their own account on SAMS to advise them accordingly.

  • In the event that an approval is given to the request, the ‘Time Count’ starts recording immediately until the staff member in question reports back-in to SAMS .

  • If a staff member or worker leaves the work premises earlier than required or for whatever reason without closing for the day on the system, SAMS is able to fish them out and block their entry the next time they report back to it, and direct them to their supervisor to explain themselves accordingly.

  • Again, SAMS provides a section for the system Administrator(s) to make Remarks about Staff’s performance, work ethics, attitude to work and towards other work colleagues, and on all work-related activities. *For a good reason, Remarks and some selected information about staff members duly saved on SAMS cannot be edited or deleted. This is to prevent any possible mischief play*

  • Some important pages on SAMS , for instance, Home page, Absentees page, Staff List page, Permissions History page, Re-entry Reports page, Staff Whereabouts page, Administrators’ Remarks page and Activity Log page will greatly help the Management or Directors of any Institution or Business to understand and appreciate the level of performance of Staff Members or Workers (Positive or Negative) at any given time.

  • All activities happening on the SAMS software are so done, recording Dates and Times, and Details of whom the actions are about, and those undertaking those actions.

  • For the purpose of flexibility, SAMS provides the opportunity for Administrators to change Staff Roles or Status at any given time when the need arises. For instance, staff members can easily be moved through Departments as and when necessary. And, an ‘Active’ status of a staff member can be changed to ‘Inactive’, ‘Suspended, ‘On leave’ or ‘Sacked’ when it becomes necessary.

  • The Activity Log on SAMS provides critical record of activities undertaken by the system Administrators and, provides data for deep analysis and decision making.

  • SAMS enables you to record and keep all staff and workers’ details.

  • The mini Dashboard on SAMS provides the opportunity to customize the system for your branding purposes. It accepts your Brand name, Logo image, Slogan (if any), Departments names (any number you want to create) and displays them beautifully at their designated places on the system.

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