SAMS, a Staff Attendance Management System developed by CONQUER IT, has been built to effectively manage all shapes and forms of attendance activities, beginning from start of work to the close of work, including whatever happens in-between. It is a highly user-friendly Attendance System, providing Managers or Directors of any Institution or Business Entity, a carefully collected data to help make well-thought-through decisions on staff members at any given time.

In addition, CONQUER IT provides excellent after installation services including periodic updates free of charge on the system for all Businesses or Institutions that have installed SAMS .

After an installation has been completed for any Entity, CONQUER IT assigns our team of Technical Experts to assist the said Institution or Entity by way of training all appointed Administrator(s) of the system, as well as the general staff members and workers of the said Entity on how to use our SAMS software.
In order to be able to assist our Clients to get the full benefit of SAMS , considering size of Business, Business Operations, Business Departments, Business Location, Branding Objectives and several other factors exclusive to the Business in question, CONQUER IT is happy to design a working plan in collaboration with the Business or Institution in question tailored to accomplish the objectives and ambitions of the said Entity.

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